7 features of ECU Corporation

1. Specialized consulting firm based on information management!

Comprehensive support for our clients with the latest information (management resources) derived from the cooperation of partners with advanced information application technology and sophisticated solution methods.

2. The powerfulness of business partners!

Partnership with the industry's leading companies which are active in the international market for government agencies and multinational companies. Partners have won awards in various industries and have been featured in about 1,000 media in 50 countries around the world in 2021.

3. Strong management base!

Executives from the partner companies have been appointed to the management team of ECU, and a permanent standby fund has been set up with the partner companies.

4. Exclusively providing the latest information with the highest quality!

The highest quality information with authority, which is composed of industry-leading knowledge and organization, is aggregated according to the objectives of the clients and provided exclusively as management resource.

5. Flexible business management system!

Stable support for international business development by strengthening and diversifying the clients' management with structures of human resources and budget that matches their business stage (including pilots) while utilizing the resources of our partner companies.

6. Skill for advanced negotiation for conditions and overwhelming plan!

Providing plans such as frameworks for participation in large-scale projects and special cases that are generally exclusively implemented, based on cooperation with partner companies and the high bargaining power and relationships of partner companies.

7. Unique and original network for first hand information!

Providing direct information from the world's largest law firm, the world's first SDGs platform (whose members are such as Mr. Eric Schmidt and Mr. A. Paul Schwab), pubulishing organizations such as Group of Nations publishing magazines of international summits / forums, and other global think tanks such as Shared Opportunities Society Foundation, research institutes and the professional network of informal meeting.