About ECU Corporation

ECU stands for Economic Community Union. As the name suggests, it is the corporate organization that aims to complement each other's mutual interests and develop business effectively through this one corporation that has been strategically coorporated and collaborated with independent economic communities.

ECU was established in Delaware, USA on February 22, 2022. There are various areas of activity and corporate forms with partners and alliance companies and under the umbrella of ECU, it has financial institutions such as securities, trusts and commercial banks, and business companies such as energy, IT, media, IP, refining business and lawyer corporations, and it is a specialized strategic consulting firm that mainly develops family office services with making full use of the network of partners and alliance companies operating in 180 countries around the world.

Through the introduction of a collaborative business system and various activities, ECU aims to share opportunities fairly, provide medical support, and for all of the people to access the judiciary, and while expanding our global partnership, we will work together with the world toward the goals of the SDGs.