Business Outline

1. Consulting business

(1) Strategic consulting
In collaboration with government agencies, scholarship, medical industry, telecommunications industry, financial industry and other industry-leading companies or individuals in each country, we provide comprehensive solutions to all fields such as business strategy formulation, finance / business management, human resources / organizational management, CRM, supply chain management through group companies and associated organizations.

(2) Comprehensive consulting for large-scale business and specific projects
We provide business models which have achieved success in the US and EU markets through group companies and associated organizations, utilizing partnerships with such as strategic consulting firm that collaborates with the largest law firms in the world, etc.

(3) Comprehensive consulting with co-work system
Through our group companies and associated organizations, we provide a business scheme (co-work system) that allows you to participate in the business projects that could not be participated in without a large company or a large-scale system usually, regardless of the size of the companies, by making the best use of the unique expertise of your company.

(4) Other business incidental to the above

Target industry fields

2. Intellectual property and information management business