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Project Name
Support for business expansion of seaweed bioenzyme liquid fertilizer

We has been supporting the business development of products that have been commercialized using biotechnology.
Specifically, we have supported arrangements for companies and groups to expand the business in Asia.

Who brought this project
Mrine Biotechnology co., ltd.
Mrine Biotechnology co., ltd. is top-level liquid fertilizer of seaweed manufacturer in Asia
Their research center has a building area of 3,000 square meters, and is equipped with everything necessary for research such as a sterile room, biochemistry room, test room, pilot test line, and more than 100 sets of experimental test equipment.
The R & D team undertakes and promotes various projects, including national-level science and technology innovation projects, internationally on many technologies such as new generation seaweed bioenzyme preparation, low carbon fermentation, and industrial bioenzyme catalysts and has achieved results.

The seaweed bioenzyme liquid fertilizer
This fertilizer is made from kelp extract using advanced bioenzymatic decomposition technology.
It is not a chemical fertilizer, but a fertilizer made by a natural method, which has been commercialized by making full use of biotechnology for soil improvement, growth promotion, disease resistance, yield increase and quality improvement.

Case study
Green Sam Co., Ltd., located in Okayama Prefecture, cooperated in a tomato kelp farming house cultivation experiment and achieved a yield of 142% compared to the previous year with this fertilizer.