Business Outline

2. Intellectual property and information management business

(1) Composition, operation and management of patent pools
By structuring, operating, and managing patent pools, we provide support to alleviate the high royalty and troublesome labor associated with new product development, and to promote market launch and demand expansion through our group companies and associated organizations

(2) Strategic development and quality control of intellectual property (design rights, trademark rights, patent rights, utility model rights, etc.)
Based on our R & D strategy, we will determine the policy for acquiring and utilizing intellectual property, and comprehensively provide activities such as filing, acquisition of rights and quality improvement according to market trends through our group companies and associated organizations.

(3) Analysis of intellectual property and business information and management / operation of analysis information involved in 24 industrial fields
By analyzing various information collected by associated organizations in each country and deriving the potential unique to information, we aim to share information and manage and operate analysis information for the next generation.

(4) Market information analysis and development / quality control of analysis system
We have set up the Financial Market Analysis Institute within ECU to collect and analyze a large amount of market and economic information in real time, and we provide development and quality control of market analysis systems that support market information management using unique judgment algorithms that make full use of AI and technology.

(5) Other business incidental to the above

1. Consulting business