Project for Blockchain business development


Project name
Arranging for global business development of PIKU Platform

We have supported the development and procedure of the PIKU platform using blockchain technology to share the intellectual properties from all around the world.

Who brought this project
Piku Inc.

What is Piku token
PIKU tokens based on intellectual property, which allows start-up companies, venture companies, or researchers who are developing new technologies to raise funds or develop their businesses in a short time. You will be able to search for technologies that require matching. Token holders will be distributed the profits gained from the technologies participating in the PIKU ecosystem.
Mr. Michael Terpin, one of the leaders in the blockchain technology industry, has been appointed to the team as an advisor. Also, it has been decided to work in partnership with the top of the largest law school in the United States and PIKU team participated in this law school event in March 2022 to introduce PIKU.
In April 2022, PIKU was introduced at a Bitcoin event in San Francisco and a private event in Monaco, and both events have been well received.

Todd Brochman (CEO and Founder)
Greg Ellis (CTO)
Joel Sanchez (Creative & NFT related)
Tyson Wynarski (Intellectual Property Lawyer)
Waco Hoover (CSO)
Michael Terpin (Advisor)
Sanjay Prasad (Patent Damages)

Main technology fields
• Health Tech
• Space technology
• Workspace
• Climate technology
• Educational technology (AI, AR, VR, XR, etc.)
• Automotive related

Number of tokens to be issued
250 million tokens

Example of partner companies
• Founders Factory
• LITICATION Finance Journal
• Lumenci
• RPX Insight
• PitchBook