Hironao Takahashi

Preston University Assoc. Professor
Completed the doctoral program at the Faculty of Information Science and Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology (Doctor of Engineering)
Completed Tokyo University of Science Graduate School of Technology Management (MOT)
Visiting Professor of NUST SEECS Islamabad
Professor at Greenwich University
DHA Suffa Associate Proffessor
Preston University Associate Proffessor

License regarding environment (Japan Environmental Planning Society)
Senior Member of IEEE
Information Processing Society of JapanSenior Member
Representative Director of Japan Halal Foundation

Specialized field:
DTS, autonomous decentralized system, multi-layer cache system, semantic category, ontrisity analysis and classification, sentiment analysis, energy system design, evaluation, battery, development and RIAC control, photovoltaic power generation, smart grid,
RO plant design, technology management (MOT), innovation planning of research results, blockchain optimization, artificial intelligence (AI), market prediction, image judgment