Eriya Unten

Eriya Unten has about 20 years of experience in the strategic consulting industry and is an expert of data analysis especially in financial market.
For consulting, he is familiar with BCP, crisis management, corporate defense, etc., and has experienced consulting for the government.
In 2017-2020, he became the exclusive managing partner in Asia for the consulting division of one of the world's largest law firms, and in 2019 (to the present), he has established a global community dedicated to informal meetings.
In 2020 (to the present), he was appointed as a director of the company which as published official organs and public relations magazines at international forums such as G7, G20 and APEC.
He has insights in various industrial fields and has achieved successes of establishment and acquisition of financial securities companies and commercial banks, and he has beem served as an advisor to multiple business entities.
The first project he supported in the United States in his early twenties is now valued at around 1 trillion yen, and he is still active as a partner.